Customer FAQ

No, you will not be awarded a certificate after completing the workshop.

Unfortunately, no – we do not offer refunds! Due to the digital nature of the workshops and the work put into them by the workshop creators, once it’s watched, it cannot be undone. This is why we provide as much detail as possible for the workshop, an introduction video workshop before making a purchase. With that, you will have an idea of the workshop, the quality, and what you should expect. 

If you are having any technical issues before purchase (or any portion after purchase), please reach out to us via our email address at [email protected]. 

There is no limit to the number of times you can watch a workshop or any section and any updates made to it. Once you make payment, you can watch the workshop repeatedly without limitations (including any additions made to it in the future).

Unfortunately, no – we do not permit downloading the content or watching it offline. This is to protect our interest, rights, and any form of sublicensing or commercial endeavors not permitted by us. 

We are sorry you are unable to access the content. Please, send us an email notification to [email protected]. We will troubleshoot the problem and revert to you as soon as possible.

At the moment, BDH Workshops does not offer its workshops on subscription-based models. However, we are working towards this in the nearest future. We will communicate this when we commence it via the website. 

At this moment, once you find a workshop you are interested in and initiate the payment, you can pay with either your credit card or PayPal on the checkout page. However, more payment methods will be added soon. Based on your location, when we add new payment methods, they will be available to you on the checkout page.

Your payment method is safe. We only collect your payment method to process your payments – nothing else! All payments are processed by Stripe (if payment is made by credit card) and PayPal. BDH Workshops does not store your payment method information. They are collected and used by the applicable payment gateway/processor, and they are trusted and certified industry giants.   

For more information about our security practices, please see our Privacy Policy

Depending on the tax law applicable to where you are located, you may be subject to tax. If any tax applies to you, we will state it separately on the invoice emailed to you. Please, note that we calculate tax rates based on your location or the billing information you provided at the time of purchase.  

Should you have any additional questions, concerns, or inquiries relating to the tax charged to you, please contact us via our email address at [email protected] 

The format and length of each workshop depend on the workshop creator. Not to worry – the format and video length of each workshop can be checked in the workshop description area.  

No, you have unlimited access to the workshop; therefore, you can complete it at your own time and convenience – no rush. We recommend taking it slow if you learn better taking things slow. 

We cannot guarantee the availability of the workshop creator; however, we will always try our best to create events with them. You will be given the events’ contact information, including the applicable email addresses, social media handles, etc.

The topics offered on BDH Workshops vary and are categorized into sections. You can visit our Workshops to see the available workshop sections and their descriptions.

You can watch our workshops on any of the common web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This applies to all devices, including your smartphone, personal computer, and tablets. 

No, you won’t be required to do any assignments. We believe you can use what you’ve learned as you see fit.

Nothing else is required of you after completing a workshop – you are done. However, you can review the materials and re-watch the workshop as much as you like. This will help you grasp whatever you might have missed in the previous watch. 

Freelancer FAQ

No, you do not need to pay any fees to us to produce and host your content. All fees will be deducted from the sales proceeds.

Yes, you can license the produced workshop after seeking written approval from us. You can contact us at [email protected] for more details and any applicable terms and conditions attached to any license

Yes, you can buy back the produced workshop from us. However, the price of a buy-back will be determined prior to the content publication. Please, reach out to us via [email protected] if you need more information regarding buying back a produced workshop. 

All sales made from the workshop will be shared based on the below commission breakdown: 

  • 20% to the workshop creator (you) 
  • 25% for the production cost 
  • 25% to BDH Workshops  
  • 20% for marketing 
  • 10% for website operation 

Yes! If a customer purchases the workshop via your affiliate link, an additional 15% commission will be added to your normal 20% commission to make it a total of 35%. The affiliate link will be provided to you. In this case, BDH Workshops’ 25% commission will be deducted of 10% – now making it 10%.

You can see the current amount the workshop has generated from your dashboard. The amount shown will include the analytics of the distributive earnings, commission percentages, and statements. 

At this time, BDH Workshops only accepts workshops in French and English languages. However, we are working on adding more languages in the nearest future. 

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